There are a few blogs (remember those?) that I read every day. Seth Godin’s blog is one of them. Every single post is often just enough. They often feel topical even though they almost never mention the thing he has in mind while writing it. Today’s post was exceptional. Here’s a bit of it, but you should definitely read the whole thing.

“What you were trained to do, what you did yesterday… that’s a gift from your past, not an obligation. Beginning the analysis with, “what I used to do was…” is a great way to open the door to what you’re going to do tomorrow.”

Is it about AI because of what OpenAI announced this week? Is this about a friend of his that’s struggling to redefine their career? Was he reading about the impact of technological advances on humanity? Who knows??

There are a lot of people looking for work. I’ve talked to a handful of them. Don’t limit yourself by thinking so much about what people expect you to do or what you did in your last role. Don’t assume that you have to start completely over when you redefine yourself or what you do for work. Friends like Margot, Virginia, Jen, Amy, Karen and Mike have all inspired me by redefining themselves in the time I’ve known them.

Brad Barrish @bradbarrish