Live Earth: The Arrival


It’s pissing out. Thunder, lightning… The whole shebang. Good thing it let up for a bit so Roger Waters could get his soundcheck in. He was the only one soundchecking this evening. There I was, inside Giants Stadium with a handful of other people, watching Roger go through his set. A private show, if you will. I’m probably not even supposed to be talking about it, but “Another Brick In The Wall” sounded amazing, especially with the kids choir. The graphics on the stage, everyone looking at one another with the same thought in their head, ‘How incredibly cool is this?!’

I had to call someone.

“Jonas, it’s Brad. I’m standing…30 feet away from Roger Waters in an empty Giants Stadium”


You can hear him playing the bass line for “Money.”

“Do you hear that??”

“Yeah, that’s cool.”

Even though he only said a few words, I could tell he was excited for me. And that’s all I really wanted. I kinda wish I could have brought him with me. Some day. Dad would have probably enjoyed it too.

Tomorrow starts the madness. I’ll be working for 24 hours straight before I actually get a break. According to email I received, 4am - 9am is my shift. I guess that leaves me with a few hours of sleep tomorrow. It’s gonna be work, but adrenaline is rushing through me and it’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever worked on in my life. As I was watching Roger, with chills on my arms, I was thinking about how incredible my life is. I’m so grateful for all of it and I’ve done some awesome stuff, especially in the last few years. Gorillaz in Manchester and now Live Earth… Just wow.

Brad Barrish @bradbarrish