LCD woes

Defective Inverter Replacement

A while back my 23" Apple Cinema Display started acting funny and I thought I was going to have to get a new monitor, which I couldn’t really afford. I looked around online and saw several things about people replacing the inverter to fix the behavior. Someone recommended, so I found out which one I needed and placed the order. I got the new inverter today and when I got home from work, I took the monitor apart, followed Krishna’s awesome instructions. When I got to the part where you plug the connectors into the new board, I noticed that there were a couple of obvious defects in the board. I took some photos and wrote the company an email. Hopefully they’ll get back to me tomorrow and overnight a replacement. It’s always such a bummer when you get excited about a fun project and you have to wait to finish it up.

Brad Barrish @bradbarrish