From A Room In London

Actually, I’m in our London office right now. How cool is that? London office. All kinds of rock n' roll posters all around. Yesterday was a bit crazy and I’m sure the lack of sleep wasn’t helping at all. By 6pm in London, I was having to concentrate very hard on everything. I could feel that my thinking was slightly impared. I was obsessively trying not to lose anything. From the moment I stepped off the train into Paddington, things weren’t going well. I got a SIM card so I could get my mobile going, then realzied a short time later that I had left my charger in LA. I had to get another phone, so I got one I would use in the states - a nice black RAZR v3. I wasn’t going to be able to get email anyway, so a phone was all I needed. If anyone feels inclined to say hello, you can text me at (44) 07818-413292. You may have to drop the 0, but I’m not sure. The phone thing was a bit of a pain and I keep running out of minutes.

Then I get to the office and realize the iGo power adapter I bought before I left isn’t working right and won’t charge my PowerBook. Luckily, I was a 5 minute walk from the Apple Store, so off I went. I was really feeling teh fact that I hadn’t eaten in several hours. I picked up the world adaptor kit, got back to the office, then relaized, I needed to actually get a new power adapter (that would be the 5th one Audrey and I own). Did I mention things are expensive here? Anyway, so I finally go everything done, waited a while for an associate and then went to my hotel as he talked dirty to some gal he met the night before. I’m not kidding.

We met up at his hotel, St. Martins Lane, which was quite nice and hip. It’s a Philippe Starck hotel. We went to a she-she Indian place for dinner called The Mint Leaf. The food was quite good, but it was fusion more than traditional. Having some food in me felt great, but I was still pretty pooped. My associate had a friend meet us there. Teh guy used to be Danger Mouse’s roommate in college. He’s going with us to Manchester tomorrow for the show. I’ll be staying in Manchester for the rest of the week.

Brad Barrish @bradbarrish