Rockin The Net With No Warm Water

We're in the new place now. We moved all weekend into our house that has no hot water, barely any light, three rooms filled with more stuff than we have room for, a phone that doesn't work, paper "blinds," dry wall dust everywhere and did I mention all the stuff we have no room for? On the brighter side, we don't have three residences anymore, we have a bedroom set up as our oasis, no TV, painted walls and wireless internet connectivity.

Here's the quick recap of our weekend... Slept in until 7am, packed for a while, waited for the movers who were 4 hours late, didn't have enough boxes or tape, took 4 hours to move, lost Patrick for a while, went on a bike ride with a flat tire to find him, yelled his name like a crazy person, started panicking, looked all over for him some more, rode to the beach asking if anyone had seen a brown dog off-leash, found him in a parking garage, took him home, dropped the load off at the house, went to Audrey's, got another full truck, 15 hours later...dropped it off at the house and said they would be there the next morning at 8am. Woke up at 7am the next morning (at the new house), drove to my apartment to meet them there, waited for another 2.5 hours, loaded up the rest of the stuff, the cleaning lady showed up right on time, couldn't speak much English at all, but was so sweet, I nearly forgot, left her there to go help at Audrey's because they had to pick up more stuff there that they couldn't get with the first trip, picked up Celina and took her to Audrey's to clean, went to get food, stopped by Home Depot to get some spackle for the holes in the wall at my old apartment to insure that I get every penny of my security deposit, dropped Audrey off at the house, patched up the holes, got home, unloaded the car, tried to light the pilot light on the water heater but the gas was off, woke Audrey, upset Audrey, got Starbucks with Audrey, went back to Audrey's old apartment, picked up her iMac and the cleaning supplies, ate some dinner, came home, had a cold shower, set up a desk for Audrey, checked email, wrote this and...

Brad Barrish @bradbarrish