Joshua Tree


I had never been to Joshua Tree before, which is somewhat weird, considering it’s so close to L.A. and my fondness for the outdoors. It was beautiful there. The rock formations were amazing. The boulders, rounded by thousands of years of sand blasting, made me feel like a kid on a jungle gym, leaping from boulder to boulder, scheming how I would make it a little bit higher. I did plenty of climbing.

It was like summer and then a Los Angeles winter. As soon as the sun set behind the rocks, the chill began to set in. A few hours after sunset and people were digging out more layers to stay warm.

It had been far too long since I slept in my tent. It was nice to be alone in the crammed space with just a few things around me to worry about. It really does just reinforce how much unncessary stuff I have in my life, but then again, I don’t live in a tent full-time. I’ve made a threat here and there about doing that very thing though. Somehow, I just think it would be a good thing to do for a while…or maybe not.

Despite it only being a short trip, it felt like I was out of town for days. It was energizing to be away from the lights of the city. Millions of stars lit up the night sky. If you looked in one area, you were sure to see a shooting stars. I wished, as we all sat around talking and playing guitar, that the moment could be re-created at a later date.

Brad Barrish @bradbarrish